Tuesday 15 April 2014

So where to next .......

Towards ZERO Waste

As you will all be aware, Central Otago District Council will be changing to fortnightly rubbish collection from 1 July 2014.  Our school has been part of a ‘Gearing Up for Change’ initiative lead by Central Otago Enviroschools.  As part of this initiative all classes have been looking at ways that we can reduce, reuse and recycle in order to minimise our school waste. 
Food wrappers, yoghurt containers, and lunch scraps account for a large percentage of our school waste, and litter is still an issue in the playground.
Our school has decided that from the beginning of term two we will become a Wrapper Free School’, in order to reduce some of our school waste and address the litter problem. 

We are asking that families remove all wrappers from muesli bars etc, before they go into lunch boxes. Please use either reusable bags or containers for sandwiches, chips, popcorn and snack foods. 

Next term the Enviroschool group will be monitoring how much rubbish we put out each fortnight.  We are hoping that we can also reduce the number of rubbish bins we currently have. 

It's a huge challenge, but .....
together we can make a difference.

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