Wednesday 19 March 2014

Room One Envirochallenge!

For the last three weeks Room One have been collecting chip packets and other small packages that we have in our lunchboxes. After three weeks we collected 55 packets. Since there are 26 of us in our class we thought this wasn't too bad, only 3 or 4 per day.
We found out that it costs the school if we have more rubbish at school ,so we talked about what we could do to make less rubbish. We talked about different options....

Buy a big bag and put chips into zip bags which we can recycle - Madison

Put any packets we use back into lunch boxes to take home - Chloe

Put some loose chips into a lunchbox chip compartment - Jack

Pack healthier lunches without bags of stuff - Madison

Use a clip shut container - Emma

Limit your chips to once a week - Emma

Use paper bags - Mr B.

We are now going to see how many chip packets we end up collecting over the next three weeks! We hope it is a lot less!

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