Saturday 29 March 2014


Miss Johnston, our third year student teacher, has been took us for a unit on sculpting with a particular focus on  "Recycled Sculptures". After we had looked at a number of sculptures on our iPads, looked closely at a Pacific Island artist Michael Tuffrey and discussed the messages these sculptures might be portraying we had a go at planning our own.  Some of the criteria we developed for assessment included:
    -using a range of recycled (otherwise thrown to waste) objects and items
    - having a strong personal message that connected with the shape.
Perhaps the trickiest part with all of this was the construction and shaping of our pieces. We knew what we wanted in our minds but it was hard to get the materials to look exactly the way we wanted!
Here are some of the pieces we showed at assembly. We would love to get your comments and feedback on any of the sculptures and their messages.

Jackson Banks Yr 8: "Aim High!"  

Shoi Nagase Yr 7: "Cyber Bullying Hurts!"

Finlay Russel Yr 8: "The World Is Always Changing...Like The Clutha River"

Cameron Smit Yr 7:  "Stop Rhino Poaching!"

Abby Hecht-Wendt Yr 8: "Love Is Everywhere."

Madison Duncan Yr 7: 

Brylee Ryan Yr 7: "Sisterly Love"

Kathryn Smit Yr 7:  "I Love World Peace."

Wesley Day Yr 8:  "Two Bottles Could Create A Car Crash!!"

Noah Robertson Yr 7:  "Soccer should be noticed more and people should STAY PLAYING!"

Hamish Pearson Yr 8: "War Does More Damage Than You Think!!!"

Tazmin Hall Yr 8: "Protect Our Native Birds...Stop Spraying!!!"

Lee Leonard Yr 8: "When You On Your Motorbike...You're FREE!!!!"

Arden O'Donnell Yr 7:  "Poaching Will Soon Make Rare Animals Extinct!"

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